About Us

Shandong Lift Machinery Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturer of heavy duty scissor lifts and car parking lifts in China. Being in this field for over 59 years, with 17 years of extensive lift machines exporting experience for our clients all over the world from 2001.
Our main products are stationary scissor lift, mobile scissor work platform, car park lift, cargo elevator, disable wheelchair lift, aerial aluminum lift ladder, and mobile container loading ramps etc.



  • Lifts History Lifts History

    The earliest appearances of similar lifts should date back to ancient China and other European countries when there were vertical transport of people and goods with tools such as potters.

  • Rail Hydraulic Freight Elevator Rail Hydraulic Freight Elevator

    Rail hydraulic freight elevator is a non-scissor lift platform, because of its use of rail chain lift structure is called the rail lifting platform.

  • Scissor Hydraulic Freight Elevator Scissor Hydraulic Freight Elevator

    Scissor hydraulic freight elevator is a cargo elevator, generally used for workshop lines, warehouses, the difference between the floor of the goods transport, can also be used for car lift.

  • Car Hydraulic Lifts Car Hydraulic Lifts

    Automotive hydraulic lift is a large tonnage car or truck repair and maintenance unit commonly used special mechanical lifting equipment. After the improvement of the structure of a car lift cargo lift, it is divided into two types: one on the lift cylinder and the other on the lift cylinder.