Hydraulic Automatic Scaffolding

This Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables takes storage battery as the power source, and makes low noise, no emssion when working. Also the platform can extend on one side, which can enlarge the working space for convenient reach.

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Product Details

 Hydraulic Electric Scissor Automatic Scaffolding

Product Description:

The Hydraulic Automatic Scaffolding is mainly used to lift workers to high place for repairs, maintenance, cleaning or installation and so on. You can move it easily to the right working area.

The Hydraulic Automatic Scaffolding can be also equipped with battery. With the battery, you don’t need to connect AC power, and you can let the mobile scissor lift at some work areas without power.

Also, the mobile scissor lift can be installed with the driven wheel to move it by hands without any hardness.


Control box:

Each button with English instruction mark, the user can understand how it works and easy to operate.


Foldable guardrails:The guardrails of platform are foldable or dismountable, and can reduce the height of the whole machine, which facilitates the transportation and pass of places such as openings
Foot switch:Control extension platform Push the foot switch and move the platform, the platform will extend
Swing-out tray

- The trays in both sides of the chassis can be swing out, which facilitate the maintenance, inspection and replacement. 

- The other side swing out tray is battery-Famous brand Trojan

Solid rubber wheels:The small solid rubber wheels moves slightly, and it has no any damage to the floor.

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Product feature:

1. Sensitive overload protection device and locking device for falling down
2. Explosion–proof valve: prevent the hydro oil pipe from cracking.
3. Overflow valve: it will prevent the pressure too high when the machine rises up.
4. Hand decline valve: it can let the machine falls down when power is off.
5. Safety lock: the lift machine can’t work if your operation is wrong.

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