Electric Hydraulic Lift Table

Electric Hydraulic Lift Table

3T 4.5M Hydraulic Warehouse Goods Lift for Goods Material Application: - The Warehouse Goods Lift can be used to lift cargo with different levels, suitable for cargo moving between stairs, from basement to first floor, or to second floor. - Load capacity:300kg - 30000kg Lift height:1m - 12m...

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Product Details

Hydraulic Electric Warehouse Cargo Lift Table for Sale

Product Description :

- Hydraulic scissor lift is used to convey the goods from one working level to another.

- The control panels are available at the designated floors and one the lift platforms.

- Heavy capacity, platform size and lifting height can be chosen according to your actual needs.


Safety Precaution:

1. Explosion-proof valves: protect hydraulic pipe, anti-hydraulic pipe rupture.

2. Spillover valve: It can prevent high pressure when the machine moves up. Adjust the pressure.

3. Emergency decline valve: it can go down when you meet an emergency or the power off.

4. Anti-dropping device: Prevent falling of platform

Hydraulic goods lift Parts:


1. Platform: The table platform is anti-akid, which can aviode the material falling down.


2. Safety trip bar: The bar is under platform, if the platform touches any items while going down,

it will stop working immediately, which can avoid to do any harm.


3. Control box: It is with UP, DOWN and E -stop buttons, when there is any emergency,

you can press the E-stop down, then the table will stop working.

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SHANDONG LIFT MACHINERY CO., LTD factory was founded in the year 1958 and started the production of scissor lifts, cargo lifts, dock ramp and so on. After years development, Shandong Lift has manufactured many new lifts such as Cargo lift, Car parking lift, Wheelchair lift, Electric scissor lift and so on. All the products are manufactured under the standard of CE TUV and SGS certification.


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