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How Does Hydraulic Lift Goods Ladder Appear High Temperature To Do?
- Dec 20, 2018 -

According to the hydraulic elevator hydraulic system diagram to find hydraulic pump hydraulic failure in the hydraulic system diagram analysis to clean up the failure, the first method is to "grasp both ends"-that is, to grasp the power source(oil pump) and the performance element(cylinder, motor), Then there is the "connecting center", that is, the pipeline and control elements that pass between the power source and the fulfillment element. When "grabbing both ends", it is necessary to analyze whether the failure is on the pump, cylinder and motor itself. In addition to analyzing whether the failure occurred on the connected line, the "connecting center" should pay special attention to clarifying which control method was used when the system was transferred from one operating condition to another operating condition, and whether the control signal was wrong. For physical objects, one by one, it is necessary to pay attention to whether there are any interferences between the main oil routes and between the main oil routes and the control oil routes. If there is interference between each other, it is necessary to analyze how to use conditioning errors. By using the analysis method of causality graph(also known as fishthorn map), the failure of hydraulic equipment can be analyzed, which can not only find out the main and secondary causes of failure quickly, but also be able to collect and clear the fault experience.
Iron spectrum skills are based on the wear of mechanical friction pairs. By means of iron spectrometers, the worn particles in the hydraulic fluid of the hydraulic elevator and other contaminated particles are separated and made into iron spectrum sheets, and then placed under an iron spectrum microscope or scanning electron microscope. Observation, Or deposited in glass tubes by size, in order of size, using optical methods for quantitative detection. After the above analysis, it is possible to accurately obtain important information about wear in the system. According to this, the wear phenomenon is further studied, the wear condition is monitored, the warning of failure is diagnosed, and the failure prediction is finally made. Iron spectrum can be used effectively in detecting, monitoring, analyzing and diagnosing the wear process of hydraulic elevator hydraulic system, and has the advantages of intuition, precision and information. As a result, he has become a powerful thing for the diagnosis and analysis of mechanical engineering hydraulic system failures.
According to the work practice, the paper summarizes the correlation table between fault phenomenon and fault cause, and can be used to find and deal with hydraulic fault of hydraulic elevator. With the continuous development of electronic skills, at present, many hydraulic lifts have selected electronic computer controls, interface circuits, and sensing skills to self-diagnose the hydraulic system of hydraulic lifts and appear on the fluorescent screen. The user and repairer can perform troubleshooting according to the contents that appear to be malfunctioning.

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