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How To Extend The Service Life Of Hydraulic Lifting Platform
- Nov 08, 2018 -

Hydraulic lifting platforms are more and more widely used in the current lifting platform industry. People are also paying more and more attention to its performance and service life, but some people ignore its maintenance work because of the deadline. As a result, the service life of the lifting platform is reduced, equipment is in trouble, and failure is caused. This is even worse. Therefore, maintenance must be done often, so how can it be extended? The following small compilation to take you to understand the hydraulic lifting platform how to extend the service life?
For the use or production of hydraulic lifting platforms, we must follow the standards of use, and the machines put into the market by some regular manufacturers are qualified. In fact, in many markets due to improper operation or maintenance problems caused by many problems, so the rational use of machinery to maximize the maximum performance of the machine. It is also very important for the initial grinding of the equipment. For the new machine, it takes 60 hours of grinding time. This is also stipulated by the manufacturer's technical characteristics for the initial engineering use.
The normal operation of the hydraulic lifting platform during the grinding period can reduce the failure and extend its service life, because most of the projects are open air operations and there will be changes, so the performance of the lifting platform is affected by the temperature, pressure, and pollution of the operating site., Road conditions and weather factors have a great influence. When using, it is necessary to take into account environmental factors and carry out protective measures so as to increase the service life. Nowadays, there are frequent accidents in high-altitude operations, and the state has also strictly managed such high-altitude operations. The manufacturer also needs to update the safety technology for the production of hydraulic lifting platforms. Now that the high altitude operation accidents are frequent, the state has also conducted strict management of such high altitude operations.
Hydraulic lifting platforms need to be inspected, maintained, and maintained regularly when they are used in peacetime. This will not only extend the service life of the lifting platform, but also make it more powerful when it works. Usually, there should be enough lubricating oil for more inspection of the transmission part. The vulnerable parts must be inspected, repaired or replaced frequently. The mechanical bolts, especially the parts that are often shaken, are put out of hydraulic oil, and the joint is tightened to draw out the oil filter. After washing, Clean up with compressed air, then put it back in the tank and connect to the line(replace with new oil, do not inherit old oil. Otherwise, the moving parts in the hydraulic lifting platform system will accelerate wear). Some lubricating oil is added to the parts to extend the service life of the lifting platform bearings.
Finally, check all the wires and cables of the hydraulic lifting platform regularly for damage. Timely dressing and replacement of damaged parts. If the motor is overheated, it must stop in time and continue to operate after troubleshooting. The motor bearings should be lubricated well.