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Important Lines Of High Altitude Platform
- Nov 17, 2018 -

The guide rail lift platform depends on the load bearing and maintenance balance of the guide rail column, so the installation of the guide rail column of the guide rail lift is particularly important. The fixation of the guide rail column is also a key point for the installation of the entire equipment.
The guide rails are generally customized according to the height of the equipment, so the guide rails of each device are different in height and size, and we use them in different ways when we install them. For lower altitude equipment, when installed outdoors, we can use forklifts or cranes to stand up the rails and fix them. If it is an indoor installation, use an electric hoist to secure the roof, and then hang the guide rail and install it.
1. DC electric high altitude operating platform: The hydraulic high altitude operating platform that uses DC level to provide power to complete lifting and walking operations, such as self-propelled high altitude operating platform, assisted walking high altitude operating platform, etc..
2. AC electric high-altitude operating platform: Relying on the power supply is 220V or 380V voltage to provide power, to complete the lifting of hydraulic high-altitude operating platform, such as guide rail lifting cargo ladder, loading and unloading platform, ordinary manual mobile high-altitude operating platform and so on.
3. AC-DC dual-purpose electric high-altitude operating platform: a hydraulic lifting platform that can be powered by 220V or 380V voltage and can also be powered by DC level. It is often suitable for mobile lifting platforms with small load, such as mobile shearing type. High altitude operating platform, aluminum alloy high altitude operating platform, etc..
In life, we can see the hydraulic work platform is basically an electric high air work platform, only a few parts are not, suitable for certain special occasions, such as pedal-style, hand shake. Electric hydraulic high and high air operating platform, stable lifting and lifting, time-saving and labor-saving, large carrying weight, is an indispensable help for high altitude operations such as maintenance, replacement of lamps, and is also an indispensable tool for cargo transportation and cargo handling between floors.
The vertical guide rail column is a relatively dangerous work, must clean up the scene first, the staff must do simple protective measures, in order to ensure the safety of the operation! When fixed, make sure the equipment is stable and stable. After fixing, we must make measurements to ensure that the equipment is stable! Guide rail lift, large load, steady lift, electric hydraulic system, high safety factor, no need for computer room, there are no pits can be installed. The lifting height, carrying capacity, and table size of the rail lift can be customized according to the situation of each customer's installation site. Basically, it is suitable for any installation environment. Guide rail elevator is widely used in workshops, factories, factories, warehouses, basements, shopping malls, supermarkets and other places, deep customer's favorite