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Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platform
- Jul 14, 2018 -

The vehicle-mounted aerial work platform is composed of an engine, a frame, a traveling mechanism, a steering mechanism and the like. Taking into account the comprehensive requirements of work reliability, noise, emissions, etc., Cummins B3.3 ~ C60 type engineering machinery special diesel engine is preferred. The engine is an in-line 4-cylinder water-cooled, naturally aspirated engine with a full-range governor, which runs smoothly. It has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, low specific fuel consumption and less emission pollution. Due to the low speed of the trolley, considering the safety and economy of the work, the frame is rigidly connected and there is no suspension mechanism. The tires are made of high-load solid rubber tires.

    The walking mode is hydraulic drive, and the built-in travel reducer integrated with the imported motor and the reducer is directly used, and the speed of the two speeds is fast and slow, which satisfies the requirements of the vehicle in different environments. The running mechanism has a self-braking function when driving on a ramp, and a clutch device is also provided, which facilitates towing in the event of a malfunction. The steering mechanism uses a link-type steering mechanism driven by a hydraulic cylinder.

    The truck-mounted aerial work platform is modified from the elevator and the car. It takes the power of the car engine and realizes the lifting function of the truck-mounted aerial work platform. It is suitable for high-flow lifting operations. The vehicle-mounted aerial work platform is to improve the mobility of the lifting platform, and fix the lifting platform on the battery truck or the truck. It takes the power of the automobile engine and realizes the lifting function of the vehicle-mounted aerial work platform.

    It is easy to move, no external power supply, strong maneuverability and large working range.