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What Are The Techniques To Reduce The Wear Of Lift Bearings?
- Dec 03, 2018 -

With the development of science and technology, the heavy industry machinery industry is also progressing. There are more and more types of lifts, such as construction lifts and hydraulic lifts. But the components are an important part of them. They all need the cooperation of the bearings. There will always be wear during the use of the bearings. However, the following conditions will cause premature wear of the bearings.
1, improper installation of lift bearings
1 The use of brute force during installation, the use of a hammer directly hitting the bearing to the bearing damage; It is the main cause of deformation.
2 Not installed, installed deviation or not installed to the bearing position, resulting in too small bearing clearance. The inner and outer circles are not in the same center of rotation, causing different hearts. Recommendation: Select suitable or professional tools for bearing installation and test with special equipment after installation.
2, lift bearings lubrication poor, according to investigation, poor lubrication is one of the main causes of premature damage bearings. The main reasons include: failure to fill lubricants or lubricants in a timely manner; The lubricant or lubricant is not in place; Inappropriate selection of lubricants or lubricants; The lubrication method is not correct and so on. Recommendation: Choose the right lubricant or lubricant and use the right lubrication method.
3, the lift bearings are contaminated, pollution will also lead to premature damage to the bearings, pollution refers to dust, metal chips, etc. into the bearing interior. The main reasons include: opening the bearing packaging prematurely before use, causing pollution; Unclean working environment during installation, causing pollution; Bearing working environment is not clean, working medium pollution. Recommendation: It is best not to unpack the bearings before use; Keep the installation environment clean during installation and clean the bearings to be used. Sealing device to enhance the bearing.
4, lift bearing work fatigue, fatigue damage is a common way of bearing damage. Common reasons for fatigue failure may be: long-term overload of bearings; Late maintenance; Inadequate maintenance; Equipment aging and so on. Recommendation: Choose the appropriate type of bearing and replace fatigue bearing regularly and in a timely manner