Chair Stair Lift

250kg 4m Hydraulic Electric Vertical Platform Lifts with CE Application SDLIFT have two types materials for wheelchair lift. One is aluminum alloy, another is stainless steel. These two types lift suit indoor and outdoor to lifting person from one floor to another floor. Technical Parameters:...

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Product Details

250kg 4m Hydraulic Electric Vertical Platform Lifts with CE

The Chair Stair Lift adopts new material-aluminium Alloy, which made the lift to be light weight, more durable and easy installation. It can easily lift the person and wheelchair with the capacity 250kg or more you need.

Chair Stair Lift Chair Stair Lift factory

Model List: 

ModelLifting heightLoad capacityPlatform sizeSelf weightManual Door


Disabled lift Parts:

1. Column button: It is fixed on the ground and upper floor for the user easy operation with “UP”, “Down” and E-Stop button.

2. Drive tower: The platform will go up by climing the drive tower, it contains pump station, hydraulic cylinder.
3. Control Panel: Apart from “UP”, “Down” and E-Stop button on it, there is still with keys, when no use,
we can lock the lift.
4. Handrail: When the users enter into the platform, they can hold on it for safety when lifting up and down.
5. Automatic ramp: When the platform off the ground, it will fold up automatically to ensure the users safety.

Installation site

image007.jpg  image009(001).jpg

Hot Tags: Home wheelchair lift provides convenient access for elder or other people needed. Characterized by novel design, perfect stability and safety, nice appearance, low noise and so on, with 1-10m working height range, 150-350kg carrying capacity. Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.