Small Home Elevator For Elderly People

Outdoor Vertical Handicap Wheelchair Platform Lift for Disabled Wheelchair lift introduction : Wheelchair Platform Lift is one special lift elevator for the disabled. Widely used at home, or in supermarket, theatre, musem, hospital or other pulic places. Indoor or outside is OK. With CE...

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Product Details

Small Home Elevator for Elderly People

Product Description:

The Small Home Elevator can be used to lift wheelchair with different levels, suitable for wheelchair moving between stairs, from first floor to second floor, or to third floor.

Customized product can be done as your request:

Lift height: 1m - 12m

Load capacity: 250kg - 500kg

Material: stainless steel or aluminum alloy with Powder coating



Drive System



Calling Box And Remote Controller

Safety Device

Explosion Proof Lock Valve

Safety Sensor

Stopped Immediately If The Safety Edge Meets Obstacles When Going Down

Safety Interlock

Lock the platform when it is out of control

Emergency Stop

The lift can be stopped immediately in case of any emergency

Emergency Lowering

The platform can be lowered by manual down button in case of power failure

Safety Sensor

The lift will be stopped immediately if the safety edge meets obstacles when going down.

Pictures Show :

image004.jpg image006.jpg

Safety device:

  1. Safety  Interlock:Lock the platform when it is out of control.

  2. The operation must be stopped immediately the safety edge meets obstacles during  operation.

  3. The platform can be lowered by opening Hydraulic valve manually or rolling  screw rod.

  4. Turn up to max 75°and prevent the wheelchair outside .

Packaging and Shipping:

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